Authors Guide

Publishing Guidelines

For all Authors who wish to have their articles/Manuscripts/Book Reviews and Thesis published on CJBASSCRU, The following guidelines must be followed.

  • Full Paper should not be more than 12 Pages including references.
  • Typing Format: Times New Roman; Font – 12, Double-spacing.
  • All references should be in APA 6 th Edition.
  • Abstract: Between 350- 500 words; Single Spacing and Italicised; along with 5 Keywords but NOT phrases.
  • The body of the manuscript should be Double Spacing.
  • The Objective should be identifiable.
  • Sub-headings should be aligned left with Initial Caps.
  • In-text numbering should be in Roman Numerals.
  • Tables should be labelled; such label and source(s) should be below the Table.
  • Reference listing should comply with Full APA, single line spacing; Bibliography is not allowed.
  • Peer review information will be disseminated to you within 2 weeks of submission.

NB: All Authors must know that their journals are being reviewed in all equality, and also the journals are being reviewed by the content of what it entails. All observed errors or conflicts noticed while reviewing the journal(s)/book(s) shall be privately communicated to the Author(s). All information(s) concerning the journal/book shall be kept confidential.