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1 OBAMIRO, John Kolade, 2 ELEGUNDE, Ayobami Folarin & 3 KUMOLU-JOHNSON, Babatunde Oladipupo

1, 2&3 Department of Business Administration, Lagos State University, Ojo

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In light of the pressing need to move people and goods from one point to another, with the least possible energy expenditure, this study examined the inland waterways transportation system in Lagos state, Nigeria, in promoting business activities. The Survey research setting was adopted in this study. The population of this study covers both operators of ferry in Lagos State and their customers. These operators make use of jetties in Lagos. These jetties are Marina jetty, Apapa jetty, Maroko jetty, Majidun jetty and Metro jetty all in different parts of Lagos. The purposive sampling was used to compliment the simple random sampling technique. The study used regression model to analyse the research hypotheses. The findings revealed that inland waterways transportation system serves as alternative transportation system to ease traffic congestion system which directly promotes business activities in Lagos State. It was discovered that the integration of inland waterways transportation system in Lagos which cuts across all location where there are waterways could reduce the heavy traffic congestion on the roads. The study concluded that investment in the water transport system could unlock a host of energy and cost savings as well act as a sustainable solution to infrastructural needs. There should be long-term gestation investment in the sector to enhance continued business activities in Lagos State. Also, there should be more collaboration between the private and public participation in the sub-sector.

Keywords: Waterways, Transportation, Performance, Integration, Congestion

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