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1 ANYIM, C. Francis, IDEH, 2 Dumebi Anthony & 3 EKWOABA, Onyinyechi Joy

1, 2&3 Department of Employment Relations and Human Resource Management, Faculty of Management Sciences, University of Lagos, Nigeria

1 e-mail:; 2 e-mail 3 e-mail:

Corresponding author:

Human resource (HR)planning is used by organizations to ensure that they have the right number and the right kind of people at the right place and at the right time. Where this process is carried out properly, it brings maximum long-term benefits to both the organization and the individual employee. However, increasing environmental instability, demographic shifts, changes in technology and heightened international or global competition have created imminent role for Human resource planners considering the fact that employee resourcing processes have become more complex in the present time. The study takes a theoretical view of the concept of HR planning in the context of employee resourcing process; highlights the challenges facing the HR planners and their role in employee resourcing process. The study therefore, concluded that the HR planners should positively strive to eliminate all forms of discrimination and promote equality of opportunity when recruiting the workforce, adopt a consistent systematic approach, and giving equal opportunity the highest priority; these are likely to enhance equality of access and fair treatment in the selection of the most suitable candidates. The study thus, recommended that HR planning should be made more effective and result-oriented by linking it to employee resourcing process in the organization.

Keywords: Employee- Resourcing, HR-Planning, Interview, Labour-Market, Recruitment, Screening

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