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Olubanjo – Olufowobi, Olufunso: Department of Philosophy/Religion, Mountain Top University,Km 12, Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, Ibafo, Ogun State, Nigeria.


Outright criminalization of abortion (except to save the life of the woman) in Nigeria has not stopped abortion neither has it been helpful on the nation’s health system as well as the health plus the well being of women and their families. It has led to increase in unsafe abortions and heightened maternal mortality rate. Yet, termination of pregnancy is a critical social issue that has divided theologians, philosophers, feminists and legislators for centuries. For it generates a conflict of right between two persons; the right of the mother to decide what happens to her body and the right of child in the womb, each taken an extreme position. There is therefore the need to balance rights against each other; the right of the mother to life and the same right of the fetus in order to accommodate decriminalization of abortion to certain reasonable level to reduce maternity mortality and morbidity rate caused by unsafe abortion in Nigeria.  Hence, this paper adopts dialectical method to provide moral justification for abortion through the lens of moderate view. Arguing that with reasonable decriminalization of abortion, morbidity and maternal mortality rate will drastic reduce in Nigeria. The study recommended that government should give attention to healthy sex education, adequate supply of contraceptive/birth control materials along with expansion in public education/orientation about family planning services.

Keywords:  Right, Fetus, Prolife, Prochoice, Moderate

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