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Child Domestic Labour And The Regulatory Framework In Nigeria

Ngwama Justice Chidi: Department of Administration and Management, Crawford University,  Igbesa, Ogun State, Nigeria.

Sheidu, Kamoru Olanrewaju: Dept. of Social Science Education, Faculty of Education, University of Lagos, Nigeria


The use of children as domestic servants has become a common phenomenon in Nigeria and these children are very vulnerable to exploitation because of inadequate regulatory mechanism. This study examines the child domestic work and regulatory framework for protection of children in the light of International Standards. The study adopted a theoretical based approach, and secondary source of data was used in eliciting current information from literature, discussions, and findings from other research works. The findings  from the study indicates that many children are subjected to deprivation of their rights  necessary for their well-being; protection and maintenance, access to free, compulsory and universal primary education. The study concluded that child domestic labour in Nigeria is exacerbated by widespread poverty, unemployment, weak infrastructure, and, low earnings and poor social indicators. This paper recommended adequate policy measures to eradicate household povertynd implementation of National and International Standards to save the future generation from this socio-economic depravity.

Keywords: Child-Domestic, Regulation, Vulnerability, Exploitation, Protection

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